Basic table setting guide: napkin folding

We have already seen some tips about table setting & napkin folding, but I would like to add some more lines here, useful for weddings and for any kind of parties, including corporate events.
The basic table setting is simple, BUT every detail has to be planned very carefully anyway and, as I always recommend, the basic rule is LESS IS MORE!

Napkin folding plays a huge part in a themed tablescape, it can completely change the way the whole setting will appear.
We can see the most incredible folding designs, gorgeous free-standing napkins which are, no doubt, really beautiful, however I always suggest the very basic napkin folding schemes for two main reasons: because I like the simple lines and because the less you fold the more hygienic it is (and your guests know it!)

As we choose basic napkin folding, we can add elements to our themed table setting designs according to the colour palette of the events, matching the style of the wedding party or creating beautiful contrasts, which is an excellent way to set a tablescape for corporate and business meetings.

Here some tips:
TIP #1: Simple napkin folding loves creativity! Add some extra elements: match the napkin pattern with a satin or organza ribbon, choose a sparkling buckle, add a seasonal element… Fall is around the corner: why don’t you personalise your table décor playing with leaves?

TIP #2: According to the galateo and etiquette, the napkin placement should be to the left of the main dinner plate. However if you don’t have much space or simply fancy a change, you can place it on the plate: match the underplate with the napkin texture and vice versa… the result will be amazing.

TIP #3: Remember to set some extra napkins: if a guest drops a napkin you will have to replace it.

One more reason because I prefer simple folding: once you unfold the napkin, it will have just a few creases, think about it!

Do you like this post? I appreciate your comments & sharing, thank you!
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  • A simple way to add a decorative touch to your table! It doesn´t happen very often but I love hosting gatherings where I get to set a beautiful table. I love fall décor!
    Sue Busy Moms Connect
  • Anytime you gather guests and friends is really beautiful to welcome them with an elegant mise en place, no matter how simple it is! Thanks for stopping by Sue !
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Clara I wish I could see more pictures of your setting decorations (full activity how it looks), you should post them on Facebook :)
  • Remy you read my mind, I am taking some days off from blogging to set more pictures. Follow my fanpage on FB as well, you will see there more and more! Thanks for your comment and suggestion...
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Ah, how great is the tip to have more napkins than guests, just in case someone drops theirs? I admit I have not thought about it at all. Thanks, Clara!
    Delia Rusu
  • Hi Delia, I am glad you appreciate the tips... Just details, but from details you will have a whole beautiful picture ! Thanks for commenting...
    Clara - Notre Charme

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