Wedding photographer on your top list

As event designer I know there are so many steps to make and so many decisions to take before the great day arrives, I live almost any minute of the "backstage" and I learned how to support bride and groom (and their dear ones), often serving as a "daily psychologist".

When tasks are overwhelming and time is running short, common sense is always the answer!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: one of the last decisions is often about photography on the wedding day. But WHY?

Let´s consider some of the most common reasons:

- Bride and groom usually focus more on the wedding day, when all the guests are staring at them and everything has to be perfect. From this point of view photo shooting might be considered a second step.

- There is always a relative or friend fond of photography who offers you a free service, this could be good not to break the bank, BUT...

Please, remember: you (usually) get married once, even if you are crazy about Kleinfeld bridal gowns and you watch all the episodes of "Say yes to the dress" you are not supposed to say "Yes, I do" a second time... so think carefully: a professional wedding photographer should be a priority in your top list.

If you are savvy brides (good girls!) don´t worry, there will be no breakdown, you can have a custom made photo or video service with an ideal budget. A good wedding planner knows what is best for you.

When you choose a professional wedding photo service your friends and relatives can of course take their own pictures and make videos: you can include that photos in your wedding album and personal portfolio, I am sure it will be a lovely memory of the great day and no one will be offended... And you will not run the risk of showing your children blurred memories.