Best tips to create a country-chic table setting#4

Yes, winter is coming soon, so... this is the right time to start thinking about your next event in spring and summer!

If you are looking for

a wedding budget that won´t break the bank

the rustic-chic style is a great solution!

Country-chic style is perfect for any party and special day: wedding, anniversary, christening, book presentation... If you want to choose the rustic elegance to welcome the guests, here you will find more hints and inspirations for your exclusive events in the countryside.

We have already seen some tips about how to create a table setting in the Italian countryside (see tip #1), we chose a poetry theme ( tip #2) and then we shared a couple of ideas about traditional or original guest favours (see tip #3).

Now let´s add some romance!

Create a romantic detail for the rustic-chic paper bags like this one: a lovely heart perfectly matching the rest of the table setting.

Paper and cloth are excellent materials to create many decorative elements in a cheap and easy way, however I suggest you to remember what Robert Browning´s words: Less is more...

Choose carefully every element and try to be minimal, the result will be gorgeous!

As you can see, the heart is made from the SAME cloth of the napkins, this detail will give your event a personalized touch that nobody will forget!

On the rustic-paper bags favours you can also leave a message or a simple "thank you": we chose a retro style hand-printing "merci" for the French guests.
Hand-printing is an easy way to decorate these favours, more over is funny and cheap! With this simple decorative technique you will create unique gifts, each one slightly different from the others...

Now, let´s focus on the napkins: polka dots decoration is perfect for a country-chic table setting, it is simple and elegant, the minimal detail that makes the difference.

Match the colour palette of your event and off you go: your table will have a charming touch!

I suggest you not to fold the napkins into "extraordinary" shapes, make it simple: the rolling fold is great for a rustic table setting and all you need is a satin ribbon to secure the fold in a lovely shabby-chic style!

So, are you ready for your special day in the countryside? As I said before, if you are looking for a budget that won´t break the bank the rustic-chic style is gorgeous and YOU WILL FIND HERE MORE TIPS FOR YOUR IMPORTANT EVENTS, so relax, have a stroll hand-in-hand and let us do all the planning!


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  • Thanks for sharing your tips. Weddings can be so expensive if you´re not careful.
  • Lovely! I love country-chic,your table settings are awesome.Weddings easily get off track as far as budget. It is important to have a planner like yourself that is able to deliver class and elegance that is affordable.
  • I love the hearts and polka dots, lovely
  • I live this! These are very cute for a weeding or any other event.
  • I love the little hearts and the tip to keep the same details on the napkin and the bag, such a great idea that everyone will remember :)
    Delia @ Blog Formatting

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