Country-chic style #3 Best guest favours

Do you want to create a great Country-chic table setting?

Find here the tips you are looking for... Fast and elegant hints!

From table name cards (tip #1) to themed table setting (tip #2), everything must be perfect, every detail must impress your guests!

In this post you will find some tips about Country-chic guest favours (or favors!).

In a perfect rustic mood you can wrap the gifts using rustic paper, I suggest you the evergreen rustic paper bags: you can decorate them as you wish and they are quite cheap!

Add some details matching the colour palette or the theme of your event, such as this sage green satin bow.

Decorative scissors will be your perfect assistant: use them to create a special edge, it is fast, easy and the result is simply lovely!

Remember: never underestimate details!

So, we have the paper bags but... What shall we put inside? I could give you lots of ideas, but let´s see just a couple of good hints, classic and simple, or original and glamour:

Flower or plant SEEDS

Flower or plant seeds are a perfect guest favour in a country-chic event! You can even personalize them according to your guests´ preferences: from tulips to lilies, from sunflowers to pumpkins the choice is really vast.

I work and live in Italy, in the North-West region of Liguria, here you can taste a special sauce called "pesto", made from basil... The plant is also very aromatic and serves as beautiful green decoration on your balcony. So basil seeds had here a great success as guest favors, especially after tasting pesto sauce!

Home decorations

You can also choose home decorations as guest favours, like this hanging board: from "Cuisine" to "Chambre" your guests will garnish their home with these beautiful gifts to be placed on doors or door pulls.

One again: choose a style that matches the theme of your event. The brown chocolate and cream palette of this board has accents of elegant rustic style and will be perfect in your guests´ country houses.

If you want to impress your guests with a more sophisticated and original gift here is the glamour hint:

Golf lesson with photo shooting

Imagine your friend as they open the country-chic paper bag and find a special card: a golf lesson or course with professional photo shooting would be a great guest favour!

Remember: choose a professional photographer who knows how to work on the golf field!

You can opt for traditional or unusual gifts, but you don´t really have to make a strict choice: you can even plan a sort of lottery: some guests will receive classic presents, some will get the more original ones.

This option could be also useful to save some money... Think about it!!!


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