Beautiful table setting: How to set a formal dinner table (bread plate)

Whatever the style of your event might be, when it comes to tablescapes there are basic rules you should know both for formal and informal (themed) table setting, but here’s the good news: they are not such a big issue! We will see them step by step with pictures, easy tips & useful tricks.
We already know where to place the napkin and why a simple folding is usually recommended (see Basic table setting guide: napkin folding).

More can be said about napkins, or we could even start from service and dinner plate, but as a great bread and bakery products lover I will begin from that lovely small plate known as bread (or butter) plate.

TIP #1: The bread and butter plate is placed above and to the left of the service plate, right above the forks.
Its main function is to keep bread separated from the meal and to avoid crumbles all over the tablecloth.

TIP #2: According to the etiquette and galateo, you can break the bread simply with your hands, remember to break off a bite-size portion.

TIP #3: You can also set both a bread basket and the bread plates: please remember that once you´ve taken a piece of bread from the basket… it´s yours! Do not put the rest back in the basket, but place it on your bread plate.

These are the very basic rules about bread serving and bread plate placement. As usual you can play with the rules, breaking them and / or adding your personal touch. We’ll see more about it soon!

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  • Love these tips, Clara! Good to know you can break the bread with your hands ;)
  • Thanks Delia, yes: breaking bread isn´t an etiquette issue! Thanks for stopping by and commenting
    Clara - Notre Charme

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