Il fascino del bianco e nero: idee per un party elegante e formale

B&W is a classy combination perfect both for a joyful party and a formal dinner party.

If you plan a formal occasion and you opt for a minimal chic mise en place (which includes invitation cards, table name cards, napkin folding and table setting) you might want to add a more elaborate element as a final touch.
In this formal event we chose a beautiful damask pattern for the gift favours: a lovely contrast with the essential geometrical design of the party.
Here some tips about these damask guest favours for a formal event:

TIP #1 The contrast created by the damask pattern creates a lovely effect also because the gift box is small: when you play with contrasts do not exceed, especially when it comes to business or corporate events.

Tip #2 The thank you card is hand written, just like the the invitation cards, the table name cards etc. If you prefer to print it remember to choose a very simple and clear font, especially if you opt for italic.

Tip #3 Some ideas about small gift favours for a formal party or a business meeting :
Tip #3.1 a classical pen (hint: match its colour with the tablescape or opt for a plain neutral colour and then personalise the pen with the initials of each guest in the same hues of the party
Tip #3.2 a USB pen drive (follow the hint above!)
Tip #3.3 a beautiful card where you give all the info to get a gorgeous SPA treat... No doubt your guests will appreciate!

To get more Black and White tips & tricks click this link: Notre Charme B&W ideas & tips

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  • Love the idea of a USB drive!!! AWESOME post!!!
  • Thanks Lisa, USB drive is useful but can be also beautiful!!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Your thoughts are good, but I would suggest formatting that includes more spacing for ease of reading. Also, be consistent with your punctuation and capitalization. I´m a little ADD challenged, mind you. I agree that black and white is a very clean, elegant look.
    Dawn Teresa
  • Thanks for your precious suggestions, we´ll try to set the formatting with more spacing..Thanks for stopping by!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Clara I love the look of your blog! So clean and easy to read. Also I am always looking for luncheon tablescapes and favors. I am glad I found your blog.
  • I am so glad you like it and you find it clean and easy to read... I hope we´ll keep in touch! thanks for your comment!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • I love your ideas, Clara! And so original with the USB pen. And useful :)
    Delia @ Blog Formatting
  • Thanks Delia! A guest favour can be both useful and classy, I like these multitasking favors! Thanks for stopping by!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • I love the handwritten details. In this world of computers it is so rare and precious to actually get something in real hand written cursive
  • I totally agree with you Lisa! Thanks for your kind comment !
    Clara - Notre Charme

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