Feste e cerimonie: il fascino dei numeri per una tavola perfetta

Every private or corporate event needs a project, where every detail is carefully planned.

Here we share some ideas and bozzetti about this work in progress party planning: a special event to celebrate a first birthday!

For the table numbers we decided to match 3 elements, creating a simple decoration, though rich in symbolism:

weddings in Italy table setting designer clara noli pink is the delicate hue to celebrate the little girl´s first birthday

table setting ideas wedding planner clara noli the delicious macaron is a homage to the French origins of her godmother and godfather

wedding designer Italy clara noli Notre Charme the table number cards remind of a chalkboard, a retro style element really really romantic: her mummy and daddy met at primary school among pencils, pastels and colourful chalks...!

As the project goes on, I am sure this will be a lovely table setting!

Then we´ll work on the menu cards... Any suggestion? I appreciate your comments and ideas!

    I vostri commenti

  • Very clever. I love all the symbolism.
  • Thanks Kristina, I like working on every detail!!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Love the fact you were able to pull together 3 different elements - my favorite being the "chalkboard" theme! AWESOME!
  • The chalkboard effect has a special allure for me as well! thanks Lisa!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • This is so sweet, I love the story behind the chalkboard and macaron
  • Thanks Lisa, I tried to gently blend all the elements of this lovely story!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Love the combination pink+white+black, Clara, very elegant! If I was to add another color, it would probably be teal. I know I´m biased, this is my color theme too :)
    Delia @ Blog Formatting
  • Teal is a great hue, Delia, very classy! thanks for your comment and suggestion!
    Clara - Notre Charme

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