Baby shower: idee per il party più dolce! #1

Baby shower party: to greet baby Giulia (and her lovely mummy!) we chose a lilac colour palette: elegant and delicate hues for this happy event…
We set the party table with a special attention for the guests, opting for a garden buffet in a lovely Italian venue!

Let’s start with… guest favors gifts ideas:

Tip#1: If you invite many guests (and if there are children playing all around) you’d better choose a tiny gift, unbreakable and not fragile, so that you can easily arrange all the favors in a beautiful setting as a welcome table or as a thank you table.

Tip#2: Once you’ve picked your ideal colour palette, match a special fabric: we are in love with this gingham pattern, perfect for a baby shower party! You can use the fabric to shape pretty decorations, just like these little flowers, and to make lovely napkins in a perfect country chic style.

Tip#3: Eco-friendly ideas are always a good choice, especially for a party event in the countryside. For these cute guest favours we opted for recycled boxes, wrapped in a lilac recycled paper. And the gift? Well, we really can’t tell you right now what’s inside, but guests will appreciate…!

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  • I love this idea, so simple and elegant. Nice article, short and sweet to the point
  • Thanks dear Lisa, I really appreciate your comments !
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Great ideas and I love the lilac tones
  • Lilac is a special hue, so romantic and delicate... Thanks for your comment Lorelle!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • These are lovely! I love the purple color too it´s look so delicate.
  • I agree, these shades are really delicate and sweet... thanks dear Remy!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Beautiful!!! I was used to your black and white theme - and now this purple one is a great change!
  • It is a great change indeed! And more projects (and themes) will follow... Thanks Lisa!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • I love this nice and calm color, Clara! You are right it works so well, excellent choice :)
    Delia @ Blog Formatting
  • Agree Delia! It is one of the best colour palette for baby shower parties... thanks for your comment!
    Clara - Notre Charme

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