Allestimento tavola con i tappi di sughero #1: segnaposti (country) chic!

Arranging wine corks in lovely table name cards holders is really easy and you can DIY!

Here a simple and elegant inspiration: carefully carve the cork creating a cut and insert the card... Done!

Since the project is very easy and fast here some tips to create original touches:

Tip#1 create a geometrical balance between the table and the cards: use oval cards if the table is oval, opt for round cards on a round table. If your table is rectangular try to set the cards upside down or invent original designs! It really is a tiny detail, but I am sure it will be noticed and appreciated by your guests!

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Tip#2 choose a special paper for your cards, according to the style of your wine themed event: rustic and recycled paper will be lovely on a country chic table, on the other hand for a "metropolitan" party you can opt for a pearlescent paper.

Tip#3 create different card holders for wine themed lunch and for wine themed dinner: you can use wine corks at lunch and champaigne corks at dinner.

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More wine themed ideas and inspirations? Find them here!

Do you collect wine corks? If so, what kind of projects do you enjoy creating? Share this post if you like it, thanks!

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  • I love this! I have a jewelry business and cater to brides. This could be an excellent idea for a wedding at a vineyard. Also in love this for myself! Thanks for sharing.
  • I love the idea of creating a geometric balance! AWESOME!
  • Thanks Clara, Interesting to see cute uses for the wine corks I usually throw out. Even more interesting is to see all the detail you lavish on these projects. Robbie
  • This is great! I love it thanks for sharing it.
  • I love these ideas, Clara how cute can they be! I usually throw them out but I have a friend who has tons of them on a big platter :)
    Delia @ Blog Formatting

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