Aspettando primavera: dettagli luminosi e naturali sulla tavola!

Shy rays of light annouce spring in Italy, we still have to wait a bit though...

Meanwhile we can cheer up our table with bright natural colours: it doesn´t take long to set a joyful mise en table and you will enjoy even more the time you spend with your dear ones having lunch or dinner or, of course, breakfast!

A colourful centerpiece is enough to brighten your table and to bring positive energy to the whole room. You can choose a seasonal flower such as the lovely primulas, available in a wide range of amazing colours.

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Fast & easy tip#1: if you like country chic style use a metal bucket and add a ribbon matching the colour palette of the flowers... For a more rustic touch you can choose a gingham ribbon like this one... it is fast, easy and cheap!

This solution is perfect for a tiny table, if you have a big one you can gather more primulas in the same bucket or set them apart.

tip#2: on a single colour tablecloth mixing colourful primulas will be fab, on the other hand if you have a fantasy tablecloth I would choose only one flower palette.