Il fascino della Liguria: non solo nozze!

It´s time to start planning spring and summer events...

Here I just want to share this picture from Liguria, the Italian region bordering with France. You can find here amazing hills and blue sea, lovely weather, delicious food and divine wine... Well I love my country, as you can see!

Abbey Saint Fruttuoso NotreCharme events designer Italy Liguria Portofino Camogli

This lovely picture shows the ancient Abbazia of San Fruttuoso, close to Camogli and Portofino. Most of the Abbey was built in the 10th century, named after the martyr bishop Fruttuoso.

You can reach the Abbey by sea which is, I can tell you, an extraordinary experience!

Tour tip: there is a special boat service from Camogli and Portofino...

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So, if you come to Liguria to get married, to enjoy a lovely holiday or to celebrate your wedding anniversary I am sure you won´t forget this experience...

Have you already visited this Abbey? Share your experience if you want! I appreciate your voice & sharing!