J´aime la France: Les vins (et fromages) de Provence

As a wine lover I´ve just written some posts about wine themed events and parties (see section Best Italian wine: themed ideas & events), never tired of new tasting experiences I share with you something from my recent trip to France.

If you want to experience French wine and food Provence is the right place: the stunning region on the Cote D´Azur will not disappoint you!

weddings in Italy symbolic ceremony best venues

Provence has the most ancient vineyards of France, which date back to 600 BC, when the Greeks founded Marseille introducing grape plants, later developed by the Romans with their great art of winemaking...

A wine tasting tour in Provence is also the excellent way to taste one of the best food pairings: wine and cheese... Saveurs de France!

weddings in Italy and Provence country chic style

Food pairing tip: this is an excellent treat for your guests, when you organize a party you can set a special themed table just for

-wine and cheese

-wine and chocolate

-fruit and cheese

-fruit and chocolate...

For more personalised tips and consulting contact me!

Have you ever been to Provence? Do you like food pairing? Share your experience if you want!

    I vostri commenti

  • I love red wine and blue cheese with fruit, one of my favourite deserts. Thanks for sharing, Clara!
    Delia @ Blog Formatting
  • Thanks for stopping by Delia, then I´ll wait for you for a special food pairing tour!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Ohhh - wine and chocolate sounds lovely!
  • It really is, Lisa! Thanks for your comment !
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • First Yes! I have been to Avignon and loved the area with some of the best wines and cheeses. Wine and Chocolate is a favorite of mine, since it brings Belgian chocolate into the combination that I consider just perfect! :-) Your posts are a delight!
  • Thanks Delmy! I agree, more over You can great tasting experience both with white and dark chocolate...
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • I have been to Marseille, however, I did not have the chance to do a wine tasting. On the other hand, It´s beautiful place like you mentioned before.
  • I really love those places, hope to go back soon! Thanks for stopping by Remy!
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • Fruit & chocolate is my favourite pairing as you can be healthy & naughty at the same time!
  • That´s a great tip, very very smart, I totally agree! Thanks for your comment Carol
    Clara - Notre Charme
  • I want to go to Provence! Sounds lovely and what a fun post!
  • You won´t regret it, it is wonderful indeed! Thanks for sharing your travel projects Julie!
    Clara - Notre Charme

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