How to pour wine and how much! Wine themed ideas tip#4

You are planning a party and you will serve wine... As a perfect host you have to know HOW to pour wine and HOW MUCH, so that every guest will have the equal amount of wine for a flawless first party toast!

Here I share a very useful video by Riedel about pouring wine, as you can see filling wine glasses has some basic rules (and advice), let´s focus on a couple of them:

- respect serving etiquette: equality for your guests

- the right level of wine in the glass allows you to swirl wine properly, so that your Cabernet or your Chianti will taste even better!

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  • Good tips :) The only time I pour wine, it´s for myself :)
    Linda Ursin
  • Great information as always Clara
  • Nice tips! Now I know how to serve wine for my guest! thank you Clara
  • Awesome tip! I love the video - it explains the concept perfectly! I know I struggle with how much to pour per each guest!
  • Love the tip, Clara! Great idea to include the video so you can explain it better :)
    Delia @ Blog Formatting

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