Wines from Italy & Custom wine labels tip#1

From Brunello di Montalcino to Chianti, from Lambrusco to Barolo, to mention a few, you only have to choose: best Italian wines can really make the difference on your table.

If you come to Italy don´t miss a wine tasting experience: you can spend a wine tasting weekend for example in Tuscany, Liguria, Piemonte, Veneto... you will be welcomed in wonderful cellars and you will taste one of the most incredible food pairing: wine and cheese...!

Back to event design: L. and F. celebrated their wedding anniversary in Camogli, a wonderful place of the Italian riviera.

Get married in Italy

They chose a white - burgundy palette, perfectly matching the wine passion they share with their friends.

Here I share the custom wine labels we created on this special event.

Best custom made wine labels in Italy

Tip#1: Don´t forget to provide each bottle with those excellent accessories known as wine pourers, they will keep your custom made label clean and perfect!

By the way, wine pourers and wine bottle stoppers are also great as a gift... but we can talk about it later!

Do you enjoy wine tasting? Do you like pairing wine and cheese? Share you opinions and experience if you want!