Anniversary party checklist

The idea of planning a special anniversary party is always welcomed, let´s plan a beautiful and original event at least once a year! Whether you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary or the day you settled in the new house, planning is essential.

L. and F. wanted to plan their anniversary party on a budget at home, with a definite colour palette that reminded of their wedding day in Italy. By the way, if you´re looking for location ideas, the North-West region of Liguria offers you wonderful inspirations, as you can see here in Notre Charme gallery!

Best location ideas Italy

So we planned a checklist with budget priorities and ideas, from the anniversary invitation cards to thank you notes.

Planning checklist: work on budget friendly ideas!

Here some tips about HOW TO plan a party on a budget at home easily and classy. Each note you find below needs deeper considerations, anyway there´s no need to rush: one step at a time!

- Set a budget plan.

TIP#1 Set a budget 20% lower than your ideal budget

- Choose a date.

TIP#2 The date does not have to coincide with your wedding date, you might have a summer anniversary party even if last year you got married in winter. You can plan a "cicle" of seasonal anniversary parties: this year in summer, next year in autumn and so on... You can create a stunning new anniversary party each time!

- Guest list (adult and children)

TIP#3 consider at least 2 people more...

- Dinner or lunch or buffet?

TIP#4 Think carefully about it, this decision offers you a lot of possibilities not to break the bank!

wedding design Italian style

- Theme ideas

- Music, soundtrack

- Invitation cards... you might ask: is a simple mail ok? Of course it is, but I suggest not to underestimate this detail, it is very classy and is not expensive!

- Decoration ideas

- guest favors ideas / gift ideas

These are the basic steps you should consider in your checklist.

TIP#5 Write your checklist beautifully, you can keep it as a dear memory of the party and, of course, it can help you a lot planning the next event!