Blog Table setting and etiquette

Welcome! This is the first multi language blog dedicated to the art of

Mise en Place, table setting and etiquette.

Here you will find:

elegant ideas and hints to welcome

your special guests.

Think about a themed table setting: the romanticism of Marc Levy´s novels, the wonderful poems of the Nobel Prize Josif Brodskij (or Joseph Brodsky!), the stunning atmosphere of J.K. Rowling´s Harry Potter...

Be inspired by Literature, Poetry and Cinema and create with Notre Charme your perfect Mise en Table!

My name is Clara, I have a PhD in Foreign Literatures and I work as event designer for private and corporate events, specialised in custom made Mise en Table, the ancient art of table setting and guest etiquette which dates back to the XVI century.

I really enjoy travelling, photography and cooking, I’m also thinking about sharing here some good tips and recipes from my family tradition… after all I am Italian!